None known.
Collected by Richard Markham in 2001 (an agricultural research-and-development worker) in a water hole near Basua on the Ikom to Obudu road in Nigeria.
This collection was named RIM (Richard & Isabelle Markham).

A small stream which was permanent all year round located a few km from Basua (towards Obudu) on the Ikom to Obudu road close to the Cameroon border. This was a back road & should not be confused with the main road which passes through Ogoja.
Basua is situated on the Nigerian side of the border with Cameroon northwest of Mamfe.
This area is reportedly 'mid altitude' rainforest & is situated approx. 50 km (as the crow flies) from Mamfe.

The plains fish form near this area are reportedly similar to the Ugep population form.

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Basua circulating in the USA 2003.
Photo courtesy of Dan Katz.

Basua circulating in the USA 2003.
This specimen & the photo to the left are 3 & a half months old.
Photo courtesy of Dan Katz.

Ikom. Photo courtesy of Richard Markham. See Ikom

Basua. Photo courtesy of Orlando Gonzalez.

Reported to be 'very variable'.
I have tentatively placed this population under mamfense due to its geographic locality & heavy patterning typical of the subspecies. The caudal fin also carries this heavy marking,