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General : Pictures from WCW 2012
Posted by mkaufman on 4/21/2012 (15019 reads)


NWK Meetings : may meeting
Posted by Bruce ulness on 4/27/2011 (4658 reads)
NWK Meetings

The next meeting will be held May 14, 2011 at the home of Bruce Ulness
21003 88th Pl W, Edmonds, WA 98026 Ph: 425-778-5024
Directions:Driving north or south on I5 take exit 179 (220th St SW) go west on 220th across Hwy 99(stay in the left lane) turn right on 84th street (second light after Hwy 99). Go to the stop sign (5 corners) and take an easy left turn onto Main street past Mieko's fitness center. Continue to just about the crest of the hill and take a left on 88th pl and go to the end of the street. We are the long driveway on the left can't see the house from the street. We are behind a small brown block house that is for sale.
let me know if you have questions.

Bruce Ulness

General : WAKO Show Nov 6th - 7th
Posted by Frank Carriglitto on 10/27/2010 (2903 reads)

Well, time is fast approaching for the Famous WAKO Egg-Laying Toothcarp
Jamboree on Nov 6th - 7th
Remember, for those who can't attend, Proxy Bidding is offered: ... elinesforProxyBidding.htm
and there are some really nice fish to be had at this show!
Frank Carriglitto
AKA#08234, ChiKA, WAKO, MKKA

Here is a list of fish Scheduled to be in the Auction
List Updated 10/26/2010
A. abacinum
A. affnis cameronense BBH 01/27
A. amoenum Sakabayeme
A. aureum GEB 94/9
A. australe BSWG 97/24 Port Gentil
A. bitaeniatum Ijebu Ode
A. bitaeniatum sp. aff. Mbanga
A. bivittatum
A. bochtleri GWW 86/11
A. buytaerti BSWG 97/3
A. cameronense YEN BDBG 04/04
A. campomaanese ABK 07/181
A. caudofasciatum RPC 91/01
A. coeleste Mounana
A. cognatum
A. cyanostictum GBG 92/10 Blue
A. cyanostictum GEMHS 00/16
A. cyanostictum LEC 93/5
A. cyanostictum Makoukou
A. cyanostictum PEG 98/11
A. cyanostictum SAM GBN 98/29
A. decorsei Kapou RPC 91/11
A. elberti Bafole
A. elberti Bafousson
A. elberti Diang yellow
A. elberti Foumbam
A. elberti Matapit
A. elberti Mbet BLLMC 05/8
A. elberti N'tui
A. elberti Sambolobo
A. exiguum BLLMC 05/10
A. exiguum M'balmayo
A. exiguum Melomabe
A. fulgens LEC 93/7
A. georgiae BDBG 04/12
A. georgiae GAB 90/18
A. georgiae GBBS 99/19
A. georgiae GWW 86/2
A. hera ARK 1-2/96
A. herzogi Zomoko GBG 92-25
A. hofmanii GBG 93/17
A. kunzi
A. lamberti Abouni Koo
A. maculatum DNA 01 LoLoI
A. mimbon GEMHS 00/7
A. mimbon LEC 93/19
A. ocellatum GJS 00/5 Sikasika
A. ocellatum N'zenzele
A. ocellatum SikaSika GJS 00-5
A. ogoense 89/23
A. ogoense 95/18
A. ogoense GHP 80/23
A. ogoense GHP 80/24
A. ogoense Komono Yellow
A. passaroi GEB 94/5
A. plagitaenium "Epoma" RPC 91/1
A. poliaki Mile 29
A. punctatum Buong Bai
A. pyrophore GHP Blue
A. raddai Mode
A. rectogoense PEG 95/16
A. species Bitteri
A. species Lobaye
A. splendopleure Ombe River System
A. wachtersi O'Billy RPC 91/18
Adamas formosus
Aphanius anatoliae transgredians
Aphanius mento
Aphyolebias peruensis
Aplocheilus lineatus GOA
Aplocheilus panchax
Austrolebias (Megalebias) elongatus Villa Soriano (this is a new and rare
Austrolebias alexandri
Callopanchax monroviae Paynesville L-97
Chromaphy. lugens Afan Essokie
Chromaphy. riggenbachi Dibeng
Cubanichthys pengelleyi
Cyp alvarezi
Cyp fontinalis
Dwarf Red gularis
Ep. ansorgi Massana GJS 00/02
Ep. dageti
Ep. fasciolatus fasciolatus CI 08
Ep. lamottei
Ep. togolensis Palime
Fp. fallax Kribianius Muanio
Fp. gardneri nigerianus Innidere
Fp. gardneri Biassa
Fp. gardneri gardneri Nsukka
Fp. gardneri gardneri Telemu NTC 07-3
Fp. gardneri Lafia
Fp. gardneri Makurdi
Fp. gardneri Mamfense Basua
Fp. gardneri Mamfensis Ossing
Fp. gardneri nigerianus Innidere
Fp. gardneri nigerianus Jos Plateau
Fp. gardneri nigerianus Misaje
Fp. kamdeni Korup National Park
Fp. mirabile mirabile Mbio
Fp. mirabile traudae Tinto
Fp. mirabilis intermittens Etoke
Fp. puerszli Dibeng Yabassi
Fp. sjoestedti
Fp. sjoestedti Dwarf red
Fp. spoorenbergi
Fp. Walkeri Kutunse GH 2/74
Fundulus chrysotus Theodore, AL
Kryptolebias marmoratus Dangriga Belize Jan 2000
Leptolebias itanhaensis Iguape
Lucania goodei
N. furzeri Mazimechopes River MOZ 04-13
N. guentheri Zanzibar
N. hassoni Buckeya DRCH 08-10
N. rachovii
N. sp. Caprivi Salambala NA 07-1
Nematolebias papiliferus
Pp. playfairi
Ps.(Ep) annulatus
Ps.(Ep) annulatus Monrovia
Riv. agilae Remire/ Mt. Joly
Riv. chucunaque chucunaque PAN 2006-31
Riv. ornatus
Riv. ornatus Rio Tigro
Riv. uroflammeus Siegreidi Jardin Gaia CR03
Riv. xiphidius
Riv. xiphidius FBS 95/2
Script. bertholdi Lenge Curoh SL 93/37
Script. brueningi RL 93 Ep 82
Script. geryi Maferyi
Script. schmitti Jurazon
American Aquarium Fishes
by Robert J. Goldstein (hardcover, copyright 2000)

NWK Meetings : Northwest Killies Meeing
Posted by Patrick J. Coleman on 10/6/2010 (2850 reads)
NWK Meetings


The next scheduled meeting for the Northwest Killies group will be on Saturday, October 23rd. 2010, at David Mikkelsen's.
Address: 31849 Peoria Road SW, Albany, OR 97321-9443.
Just mapquest or Google a map or contact me at: 541.926.1672 at home.
We hope to see as many members and guests as possible, there is much to discuss and a lot of good food being prepared.
I'f any members in the Portland Area should hesitate to come because of transportation problems, David has offered the use of a van to shuttle folks to and from the meeting, just call me at the same number and we can make arrangements.
Please come and see all of the new and rare fish we will soon be distributing to our fellow hobbyist's and enjoy the old farm and fellowship.
Northwest Killies

General : WCW registration open
Posted by Barry Cooper on 2/19/2010 (6120 reads)

Online registration for WCW 2010 is now online. The forms can be accessed from the WCW menu set at the left.

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