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News from the AKA
AKA News : Website Changes Coming Soon!
Posted by tgrady on 2013/6/6 7:10:26 (1263 reads)

Yes, we are in the final stages of a changeover to a new operating system which should be approved by the BOT during the next few weeks.
This is important!
As an AKA member, you will be notified of the changeover via an email. Your account will remain the same, but you will be issued a new password. You should log in as soon as possible to the new site and change your password to something you prefer.
If you are an AKA website member, you will be required to create a new account. We apologize for this inconvenience, but this will assist us in eliminating many inactive accounts as well as many which have been inactivated for various reasons. This will save a great deal of database space as well as show us who is active on the website.
More will be added to this news section as we close in on a switch over date.

AKA News : 2009 BOT elections
Posted by bcooper on 2009/9/6 10:10:00 (3873 reads)

Ballots for the 2009 BOT elections are now online. Please see the link to the ballot, and to candidate statements, in the left menu panel, under News & Events.

AKA News : Candidate statements
Posted by bcooper on 2009/8/3 17:44:22 (3487 reads)

Statements from candidates for the 2009 BOT elections can be accessed by clicking on the link in the left menu panel.

AKA News : 2009 Convention Show Results
Posted by bcooper on 2009/6/19 13:36:19 (3597 reads)

The results of the Convention 09 show are online. Look under News & Events/Conventions in the left menu panel.

AKA News : AKA Convention 2008 Results
Posted by bcooper on 2008/6/4 12:10:00 (5507 reads)

AKA Convention 2008
Show Results

Results of the AKA convention show are now available. Please click on the link below:

Show results

Below are the special awards given at the convention:

Roger Langton Award - Best Fp. gardneri: George Caruso - Fp. gardneri Rayfield
Bill Jacobs Award - Best Classic Killie - Mike Trzonkowski - A. australe orange
Thomas Cahallan Award - Best Arch., Script. or Callopanchax - Kieth Cook - Script. schmitti
Jubb Award - Best Nothobranchius - Dan Nielsen - N. rachovii
Horst Latzel Award - Best Foreign Entry - Arvid Hansen SKS - A. georgiae
Franz Werner Award - Best Photographic Entry - Hristo Hristov - Fp. fallax
Walter Indell Award - Best E. annulatus - Tony Terciera
Leo Hoigne Award - Significant Contributor to Killifish Hobby - Harry Specht
SEK Award - Best Non-Endangered Aphanius - Gary Greenwood - Aph. danfordii
Paul Vorbaum Award - Best Rivulus - Frans Vermeulen - Riv. waimacui
Ken McKeighan Award - Best North American Native - Ken Normandin - Fun. cingulatus
Kent Group Award - Best Cynolebias by an American Entrant - Buzz Allen - Simp. boitonei
George Maier Award - Best Aplocheilus - Paul Bricknell - Aplocheilus lineatus
Peter Tirbak Award - Best Elegans Complex - John Clairmont - A. elegans
Gerhard Schreiber Award - Most Endagered Species Entry - Buzz Allen - Cyp. alvarezi
Robert Finch Award - Best Aph. Australe - Mike Trzonkowski
Paul Bricknell Award - Best Blue Gularis - Gary Greenwood
Robert Felmey Award - Killifish Exhibitor of the Year - Gary Greenwood
DKG Award for Best Chromaphyosemion - David Suffia
AKA Hobbyist of the Year - Marshall Ostrow
Best in Show - Diapteron georgiae - Arvid Hansen (SKS)

Fellowship in the AKA was awarded to Dr. Harry Specht

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