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AKA Convention 2009 News

For more information about the 2009 AKA Convention, to be held in Portland Oregon, on Memorial weekend, please see the links to Conventions in the left menu panel or use this direct link. We will be updating that information regularly. If you have questions, please contact the convention co-chairs by email.

Keep your AKA member information current! Use this link, Manage Profile in the top nav bar, or one of the options under "The People" to update your membership information. This information is used to generate mailing labels for AKA members and it is important that it be accurate and current.

AKA members: As of February 2007 the BNL is available electronically. See the news item link on the right. If you'd like to get the eBNL, sign up here.

Navigate the site using the menus to the left. Holding the cursor over a menu item will provide a clue as to its content. Clicking on a main menu item will reveal submenus and links. You will see additional items after you log in. Also note that some key links are provided in the navigation bar above. Also note that there is a site map that can be used to review the layout of the site. Full privileges are available to AKA members, many to registered (non-member) users of the site, and some to guests. We hope that providing a "taste of the AKA" will encourage newcomers to join the organization.

Note that all AKA members should already be registered and [i]should not register again[/i]. If you have problems, use the Contact Us link under "The Club" on the left to contact the webmaster.

For non-AKA members, to maximize your privileges, please register, then log in.

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