BNL Email Delivery

Recently on the Facebook AKA Group, there have been reports of failed delivery eBNLs.  Please email or call me directly with your inquiry, I can place a trace on the outgoing email packet to you and determine the actual problem and conclude a resolution. 

Unless you report your email eBNL deficiency to me directly, I can’t fix your underlying problem.  In most cases the eBNL was found in the member’s junk mail folder.  Unfortunately, all of the major email houses, MSN, Live, Outlook, GMAIL, Hotmail, YAHOO etc… have very elaborate email filters for spam, and all bulk mailings are being heavily scrutinized and filtered for non-delivery. 

Please let me know of your issue directly, I will most likely call you. This way I can discuss with you, the appropriate details and acquire the background information necessary to resolve your problem.

Respectfully Submitted,  Jim Langan, AKA Webmaster